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G.N.P Goals

Grace Nation Partners was started to bring the word of God around the world and create a shift in the natural. Pastor Gerry Mickle and Pastor Hazel Mickle are leading by example and encouraging those in ministry as well as those who seek to participate in giving back to others, to become a partner. 

God is omnipotent and full of love and mercy. We want to share that with you and show you the grace of Jesus Christ for real! 

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Going Global

We are preparing to go global in terms of communities reached, people saved, families restored and countries healed! Our vision is large and we know that with God we can do all things. With your partnership you will be helping us minister to millions from every inch of the globe! 

Partner With Us Starting With $1.99 A Month! 

You can help us grow our ministry and extend our reach by partnering with us! Right now you may partner with us for just $1.99 a month!

*One-Time Custom Amounts given will be considered a one time donation.

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